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Technology Changes

Use this page to prepare for the major changes TABC will be making to our technology on Sept. 1, 2021. You will find the following information on this page:

AIMS Onboarding Starts Sept. 1

Businesses on Sept. 1 will begin to use AIMS based on a phased-in onboarding process, which you can see later in this section.

As you create your AIMS account, you’ll officially see any changes that have occurred to your license. When you go to apply for or renew a license, you’ll be following the new licensing structure and fees set by TABC rule (not yet adopted).

When creating an account, there will be separate instructions for businesses that would like to hold a license and those that already hold a license. Current license holders must also complete a process called “claiming a business,” where they will provide some key information to match their data from our old system with the new one.

If your business entity has multiple licenses, you will be scheduled to onboard into AIMS based on your earliest expiration date. You’ll only have to onboard once because all licenses associated with your business entity will automatically be added to your AIMS account during the “claiming a business” process.

Use AIMS To Apply for an Original License, Subordinate Authority, Supplemental Change or Temporary Event (September 2021 and later)

Beginning Sept. 1, the following parties may start using AIMS to create an account and begin applying for a license:

  • Non-license holders that haven’t yet filed an application with TABC.
  • Current license holders that need to apply for a subordinate authority, file a supplemental change (e.g., a change in ownership, officers, address, etc.), or apply for temporary event approval or submit a file and use notification for an event.

Applications will be based on the new licensing structure and fees set by TABC rules (not yet adopted).

Onboarding Group 1: Mandatory Onboarding for Manufacturers, Distributors and Licenses Expiring in September and October (September 2021)

Beginning Sept. 1, the following license holders must log in to AIMS and complete the onboarding process by the end of September:

  • Manufacturing tier (must use AIMS to file your excise tax reports due in October)
  • Distribution tier (must use AIMS to file your excise tax reports due in October)
  • Licenses that expire in September (regardless of the expiration year)
  • Licenses that expire in October (regardless of the expiration year)

After onboarding, you can renew licenses, file reports and complete other tasks in AIMS. Renewals will be based on the new licensing structure and fees set by TABC rules (not yet adopted).

Onboarding Groups 2-11: Mandatory Onboarding for All Other License Holders (October 2021 to August 2022)

Beginning Oct. 1, all license holders that did not qualify to onboard into AIMS in September must onboard into AIMS based on the month that their license expires (expiration year doesn’t matter). This process will include a live virtual educational event with a chance to get answers for your questions. The education portion of the onboarding process will begin two months before your expiration date and includes businesses that applied for a license before Aug. 1 and received it after that date.

TABC will work with you to complete your AIMS onboarding in the month immediately before your license expiration month.

GroupLicense ExpiresAIMS EducationAIMS Onboarding
2NovemberSeptember 2021October 2021
3DecemberOctober 2021November 2021
4JanuaryNovember 2021December 2021
5FebruaryDecember 2021January 2022
6MarchJanuary 2022February 2022
7AprilFebruary 2022March 2022
8MayMarch 2022April 2022
9JuneApril 2022May 2022
10JulyMay 2022June 2022
11AugustJune 2022July 2022


We set up this process to ensure that everyone applying for or renewing a license after Sept. 1 will do it in AIMS.

After AIMS Onboarding

  • Onboarding process: The onboard process will be complete and all businesses will be using AIMS by August 2022.
  • Printing your license: Current license holders must print their license from AIMS and properly post it at their licensed location.
  • Submitting paper documents to TABC (i.e., not using AIMS): While not encouraged, we will still accept paper applications, forms and documents developed and completed outside of AIMS. However, submitting paper applications or documents outside of AIMS will delay the agency’s processing of and response to those submissions.