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Your local TABC

Tax ID Stamps

TABC provides serially numbered ID stamps to Local Distributor Permit (LP) holders to place on bottles of distilled spirits. Local distributors must place these stamps on containers before selling the product to retailers that hold a: 

  • Mixed Beverage Permit (MB)  
  • Private Club Registration Permit (N)  
  • Private Club Exemption Certificate Permit (NE)  

Order Stamps Online

Order your tax ID stamps online through OpSec Security. We review every order for compliance before shipping.

TABC launched a new online ordering portal in February 2023. If you’re logging in for the first time, you can get instructions for ordering stamps in the guide below.



Retailers are not allowed to: 

  • Possess distilled spirits in a container with a damaged tax ID stamp.  
  • Possess distilled spirits with blank or serially numbered ID stamp that are not properly attached to a distilled spirits container and properly invoiced to the retailer by a local distributor. 
  • To invalidate a stamp, you’ll need to destroy it. Marking it with ink, dye or other materials does not invalidate the stamp.

Local Distributors

  • Place stamps near the top of the bottle’s brand label so that some part of the stamp covers and attaches to a portion of the label but does not cover any of the label’s information. 
  • Stamped merchandise should be stored separately from all other merchandise on hand.  
  • When a Local Distributor’s permit is canceled, all ID stamps not placed on a bottle must be returned to TABC, along with distributor records of stamps issued by the permittee. 


  • Issue an original invoice and copy in consecutive-numbered order, showing the: 
  • Date of sale or distribution. 
  • Name and permit numbers of the seller and the purchaser. 
  • Purchaser’s complete address. 
  • Serial numbers of all ID stamps placed on the merchandise. 
  • Quantity of stamps. 
  • Brand and class of alcoholic beverages sold. 
  • Total price of each brand and class of alcoholic beverages sold.  
  • Deliver the invoice to the purchaser, have them sign the copy and keep it for your records. 
  • Keep in mind that stamps issued from pre-stamped stock must be listed individually for each line item on invoices that are prepared for retail sales. 


Local distributors must record the serial number of each stamp issued, lost, stolen, voided, destroyed or issued as a replacement. Keep records electronically or by paper for two years. TABC has to inspect and approve the system you’re using to keep electronic records.  

The record for each stamp transaction must include the: 

  • Quantity of ID stamps received 
  • Quantity and serial numbers of ID stamps placed, showing the invoice date, invoice number, retailer trade name and retailer permit number. 
  • Quantity of ID stamps on hand after each receipt or each placement of such stamps. 

Date the merchandise is stamped, along with the number of stamps used per brand and size.