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TABC Violations

TABC is responsible for enforcing the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code and TABC Administrative Rules. We strive to work with industry to keep Texans safe. However, any business with a state license or permit to manufacture, distribute or sell alcoholic beverages is subject to action from the agency if they violate the law or TABC rules.

Types of Violations

Public Safety

These violations relate to endangering public health or safety. Examples include:

  • Serving alcohol to a minor. 
  • Serving alcohol to an intoxicated person. 
  • Allowing a retail (bar, restaurant, liquor store, etc.) employee or manager to work while intoxicated.

Public safety violations could result in an administrative case against the business, along with criminal charges for the person accused of the violation. Criminal charges are often prosecuted by a local county attorney.


These are administrative violations of the Code or Rules, like improper advertising or prohibited relationships between the three tiers of the alcohol industry. Businesses have the right to contest the charges before an administrative judge.

On March 1, 2021, TABC adopted a new methodology for calculating penalty amounts, including a new rule, penalty policy and penalty calculation worksheet.

Administrative Hearings

After a license or permit holder receives a violation, they may go through the administrative hearing process.

Violation Resources