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Your local TABC

Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS)

The online hub for conducting all your TABC business launches September 2021. Use this page to start getting familiar with AIMS.

After you get to know AIMS, visit our Technology Changes page to learn about logging into AIMS for the first time and the schedule your business will follow.

AIMS in Action


The Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS) will make it easier for TABC license holders and applicants to do business with TABC anytime and anywhere.

When AIMS launches September 2021, it’ll be the one-stop online hub for conducting all your TABC business. You'll be able to complete licensing tasks, product registration, excise tax reports and more from the convenience of your computer or mobile device 24/7. This means you can say goodbye to mailing your paperwork and checks to TABC.

Watch our preview videos above and keep scrolling to see what you can expect from AIMS.

Key Features

Control Your Own AIMS Account

  • Manage your own profile.
  • Update how you want to be contacted by TABC.
  • Add authorized users (your employees, attorney, licensing service, etc.).

Apply for Licenses and Permits

  • Get help deciding which license or permit is right for your business with the Needs Analysis Tool.
  • View a list of the things you’ll need to complete your application.
  • Save your work, return to AIMS later and pick up where you left off.
  • Upload supporting documents (e.g., agreements) directly into AIMS.
  • Submit secure online signatures and payments from your home or office 24/7.

File Reports and Register Products

  • View the list of reports you need to submit and their deadlines.
  • Fill out and submit reports through AIMS wherever you are.
  • File your monthly excise tax report and pay online.
  • Easily access past reports.
  • Register new products (previously known as “label approval”).

Renew and Manage Licenses and Permits

  • Renew licenses.
  • Apply to update your business information (like a change in ownership or physical address).
  • Apply for subordinate licenses, permits, and certificates (like a Self-Distribution License, Local Distributor’s Permit, or Food and Beverage Certificate).

Get Alerts and Status Updates

  • Get alerts and real-time status updates on pending applications, renewal and reports coming due, and more.
  • Receive alerts and status updates three ways:
    • Online through the AIMS dashboard
    • By email
    • By phone using our new Voicebot
  • The AIMS Voicebot is available for you to call any time of the day, whether you need to get the status of a pending license application or a product registration. This is especially handy if you aren’t near a computer or temporarily don’t have access to the internet
  • AIMS’s updates and alerts help you avoid common errors like missed deadlines, and help you quickly resolve matters like missing information in a pending application.