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Hiring Veterans FAQs

The FAQs below provide tips and guidance on the hiring process for military veterans who apply for a job with TABC. 

  • Minimum qualifications mean the least amount of education and work experience acceptable for the position.
  • The minimum qualifications for all TABC jobs are listed on each job posting.
  • Your application will be screened based on the minimum eligibility included in the job posting. This screening is based on your answers to the supplemental questions section of the application but should also be demonstrated in your application.
  • Your application will only be referred to the hiring manager for consideration for jobs in which you meet the required minimum qualifications.
  • Answer supplemental questions with the most accurate information. If responses do not show that you meet the minimum qualifications, you will be screened out.
  • Preferred qualifications mean the education and work experience that describe the ideal candidate.
  • The hiring manager considers preferred qualifications as they are determining which qualified candidates to select for interviews.
  • If you do meet the preferred qualifications, supply the information in the relevant area of the application.
  • These are your bullet points to success. The more preferred qualifications that you meet, by showing examples in in your application, the more likely you are to receive an interview.
  • Knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) are listed in the job posting and should be reflected throughout your application.
  • Managers screen applications based on minimum qualifications, preferred qualifications and KSAs to determine who receives an interview.
  • Unlike a resume, the employment application requires a more extensive summary of activities, skills, and accomplishments. Resumes are not accepted in place of the completed application.
  • Be both detailed and concise.
  • Show and don't tell. If a specific Microsoft program is mentioned in the preferred qualifications, be sure to mention it somewhere or multiple places in your application. Instead of, "Used, or know how to use PowerPoint," we recommend being more specific: "Used PowerPoint to develop presentations for…" or for Outlook, "Used Outlook daily to correspond and coordinate with volunteers, staff and community members."
  • If hiring managers don't know what you're talking about, assume they will politely ignore it. Be sure to explain your experiences.
  • Avoid military jargon. Talk things through with some non-military friends or family to find more universal language.
  • Break your experiences down to universal concepts and roles.
  • Bring everything to the table that helps support why you are the best qualified.
  • Think of your experiences as evidence used to justify why you are best qualified.
  • Were you a lifeguard in high school? Then you have experience in safety, outdoor recreation, maintenance, and customer service.
  • Volunteer experience also counts toward your previous experience, so add it if it is relevant.
  1. You apply for a TABC job. 
  2. TABC Human Resources pre-screens your application to ensure that you meet the minimum qualifications in the posting. Your application will move forward to the hiring manager if it meets the qualifications.
  3. The hiring manager screens the application and selects the top, best-qualified applicants for interviews, considering the military employment preference interviewing requirement. This is the part of the process that usually takes the longest.
  4. At this point, the hiring manager must have at least 20% of those selected for interview that qualify for the military employment preference, if applicable.  
  5. TABC conducts interviews, and the hiring manager makes their selection(s).
  6. TABC verifies your qualifications, references, background checks, and our internal approval processes.
  7. TABC makes a job offer to you.
  • To be eligible for military employment preference, you must attach the applicable supporting documentation.
  • Check the job posting for required documents specific to the job.
  • Check "Additional Requirements" for instructions to upload DD214, transcripts, and other documents.
  • Before uploading any attachments, ensure that they are legible when printed in black and white.
  • If required documents are not attached, the application may be considered incomplete.
  • To be eligible for Military Employment Preference, you must attach the required documents and the Military Employment Preference Survey.
  • Build your experiences to show how you align with the TABC mission. Show that you have a background that aligns with the position you're applying for.
  • Volunteer. You can gain valuable experience to qualify for jobs within the agency.
  • The Texas State Auditor's Office Military Crosswalk is a guide for transitioning service members and hiring managers to get an idea of what jobs may be similar from military to state service.
  • It is required by the state to accompany every job posting.
  • It does not affect your qualifications — it does not mean you don't qualify for the job because your MOS, AFSC or NEC rating wasn't listed.

Contact One of TABCs hiring specialists will be able to assist you.

It might. Visit the Employee Retirement System (ERS) page on Military Service Credit.

Check out our current job postings to view qualifications and apply. Jobs are added and postings close frequently, so it's best to keep an eye out by setting up a profile on the job site and checking regularly when you are actively job hunting.