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Local Option Elections

Although Texas has statewide laws governing most functions of the alcoholic beverage industry, voters participate in local option elections to decide the types of alcoholic beverages that can be sold in their communities. These elections are held by counties, cities or individual justice of the peace precincts.  

Pending Local Option Petitions

The following local governments have notified TABC that a local option election petition has been issued in their jurisdiction. For more information about each petition, including election dates, please contact the issuing city or county clerk. This list is updated by TABC on the 15th day of each month

CountyCity/JP PrecintDate IssuedBallot Language
GrimesJP Precinct 1 Oct. 3, 2023All AB 
Rockwall RockwallOct. 23, 2023 All AB - Off 
EllisRed OakNov. 2, 2023RM 
BrazoriaWest ColumbiaNov. 7, 2023 All AB - Off
CherokeeWellsNov. 13, 2023 Wine/Malt Beverage - Off
McMullenCountywideNov. 21, 2023All AB/RM/All AB - Off 
GrimesIolaNov. 27, 2023All AB 
YoakumPlainsNov. 28, 2023Wine/Malt Beverage
ComancheGustineDec. 4, 2023Wine/Malt Beverage - Off
Johnson/TarrantBurlesonDec. 5, 2023All AB - Off
ParmerFrionaDec. 14, 2023All AB
JohnsonGodleyJan. 2, 2024All AB
HoodJP Precinct 1Jan. 22, 2024All AB - Off
HuntUnion ValleyJan. 25, 2024Wine/Malt Beverage - Off
AtascosaPoteetJan. 31, 2024Mixed Beverages
ShelbyTimsonFeb. 9, 2024All AB
BrazoriaAlvinFeb. 12, 2024All AB
RuskJP Precinct 5March 4, 2024All AB
LeonJP Precinct 2March 27, 2024All AB
BellTroyApril 11, 2024All AB
RealLeakeyMay 13, 2024All AB


Ballot Language Explanations

See Sections 501.035 and 501.105 of the Texas Election Code.

  • Malt Beverage – Off: “The legal sale of malt beverages for off-premise consumption only.” 
  • Malt Beverage: “The legal sale of malt beverages.” 
  • Wine/Malt Beverage – Off: “The legal sale of malt beverages and wine for off-premise consumption only.” 
  • Wine/Malt Beverage: “The legal sale of malt beverages and wine.” 
  • All AB – Off: “The legal sale of all alcoholic beverages for off-premise consumption only.” 
  • All AB Except Mixed: “The legal sale of all alcoholic beverages except mixed beverages.” 
  • All AB: “The legal sale of all alcoholic beverages including mixed beverages.” 
  • Mixed Beverages: “The legal sale of mixed beverages.” 
  • RM: “The legal sale of mixed beverages by food and beverage certificate holders only.” 
  • Winery: “The legal sale of wine on the premises of a holder of a winery permit.” 

Are Alcohol Sales Allowed Near Me?

Most counties and cities allow some types of alcohol sales. As of December 2023, there are 60 completely wet counties in Texas and four completely dry counties.

Limits to Wet/Dry Data

This information is the most accurate TABC has to offer. However, keep in mind:

  • Only the city or county clerk's office can officially declare a location to be wet or dry.
  • Elections happen several times a year, and the data above can quickly become outdated.
  • Information is only added here when local governments report a change to TABC.

Information for County and City Officials

County clerks and city secretaries need to notify TABC and the Texas Secretary of State no more than 15 days after issuing a petition seeking a local option election.

You can let us know about a petition by mail, phone or email. Please include:

  • Name of the city or county issuing the petition.
  • Date the petition is issued.
  • Jurisdiction (JP precinct, city or county) where the proposed election would be held.
  • Exact statutory issue ("The legal sale of…" see Sec. 501.035 of the Elections Code) on the petition.

The following information is also helpful:

  • Notice of when a petition is returned with sufficient valid signatures to call an election.
  • Election date.
  • Election results with both votes for and votes against the measure.


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