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How to Use AIMS

Learn about how to do common tasks in the Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS), get answers to common questions, and connect with our AIMS experts.  

Getting Started in AIMS

Before You Begin

  • If your license expiration date is on Sept. 1, 2021, or after, you’re already considered an existing business entity with TABC AIMS. Complete Step 1: Create an AIMS Account and Step 2: Claim Your Business below. 
  • If your license expiration date is before Sept. 1, 2021, or the business does not hold any TABC licenses or permits, you’ll be a new business entity. You only need to complete Step 1: Create an AIMS Account and skip to Step 3: Apply for a New License.

Important note: Use Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to access AIMS. AIMS is not compatible with other browsers, such as Safari and Internet Explorer.

See the resources below to get started.

Step 1: Create an AIMS Account

Watch Video | View PDF

This step is for: all AIMS users. 

  • Existing license and permit holders: A principal party (i.e., officer, director, etc.) of a business entity that holds TABC licenses or permits must complete this step. Principal parties may also assign a designee to complete this step on their behalf. Once this step is complete, proceed to Step 2: Claim Your Business. 
  • New applicants that do not yet hold a license or permit: A principal party (i.e., officer, director, etc.) of a business entity must complete this step. Principal parties may also assign a designee to complete this step on their behalf. Then, skip to Step 3: Apply for a New License. 
  • Licensing services and other authorized users: You can create an account at any time. But to access and manage your client’s licenses and permits in AIMS, a principal party account must add you as an authorized additional user for each business entity that you manage licenses for. Before a principal party can grant you access to their business entity, they must do one of the following: 
    • Complete the Claim Your Business process and get TABC approval for this claim. 
    • Begin a new license or permit application and complete your business entity information.

If you manage licenses for multiple businesses, keep the following things in mind when doing this step:

  • All accounts: Your AIMS account and the email address associated with it should be unique to you as an individual AIMS user. Each email address is linked with a single account.
  • Business entity accounts: Each business entity should have its own main account using an email address tied directly to that business.  Licensing services should be invited as a Prime user by each business entity using the email address(es) of the licensing service’s user account(s).
  • Representatives or licensing service accounts: Licensing service staff should each have their own account using their own email address. Each business entity should then add the licensing staff member as a Prime user to their business so each licensing staff user may act on the business entity’s behalf.
  • Result: Once you’re added as a Prime user to each business entity you manage, use your own AIMS account to do all AIMS tasks for them. Don’t log in to the business entity account and don’t create separate AIMS accounts for your business to manage each client entity separately. 
  • Don’t share account passwords: Don’t share your AIMS login information with a business that needs to access AIMS. This would allow them to see all other businesses linked to your account (i.e., businesses that have added you as a Prime user).

Step 2: Claim Your Business

Watch Video | View PDF

This step is for: existing license and permit holders only. 

  • This step must be completed by a principal party (i.e., officer, director, etc.) of a business entity that holds TABC licenses or permits, or a principal party’s designee. 
  • A principal party or their designee should repeat this step for each of their business entities that hold TABC licenses or permits. 
  • This step allows the principal party to link their AIMS account with existing business entities and all the TABC licenses and permits associated with those business entities. 

TABC must approve your Claim Your Business request before you can begin completing actions in AIMS, such as renewing or managing licenses and permits. Depending on the number of businesses completing this step, it may take several days for TABC to approve the request. There is no need to send an additional email or contact TABC during this time as long as you received a confirmation email from AIMS stating that TABC has received your request .

Once TABC approves your request, you can begin Step 3 if you need to apply for a new license. Otherwise, skip to Step 4: Add Authorized Users, if you want to grant others access to your business entities and associated licenses or permits.

Step 3: Apply for a New License

Watch Video | View PDF

This step is for: new applicants and existing license and permit holders. 

Once you know which license or permit is appropriate for you, AIMS will easily guide you through completing your application. With this video and PDF, you’ll learn what to expect as you navigate the application process. 

Step 4: Add Authorized Additional Users

User Access Management

Watch Video | View PDF
Video: How to check your current AIMS permissions

This step is for: all AIMS users.

Use the above guides to grant additional users access to a business entity’s licenses in AIMS. You might do this to let certain employees, a licensing service, or your attorney complete various TABC tasks like managing your licenses or filing reports with TABC.

  • The first user on an account must be a principal party (e.g., owner) who has claimed a previously existing business entity in the system or applied for and been issued a license or permit. This user will be assigned Prime user permissions.
  • All Prime users may assign user permissions to others.
  • This step must be completed within each business entity profile in an AIMS account. 
  • Completing this step in just one business entity profile in an AIMS account does not affect the authorized users for any of the other business entities associated with the AIMS account. 

More AIMS Help

How to Renew Your License

Watch Video | View PDF

Once you’ve completed the above necessary steps for your business, you can watch this video to learn how to renew your license or permit in AIMS.

How to Register Products

Watch Video | View PDF

This information only covers how to use AIMS to register your products. Learn more about product registration requirements on TABC’s Product Registration page or learn about beer and ale changes effective Sept. 1, 2021, on our Beer and Ale Changes page. 

How to Complete a Product Registration Search

How to File a Compliance Report

Watch Video

Compliance reporting is the required self-assessment that TABC-licensed businesses with locations in Texas must complete each year. However, the 2023 compliance reporting period is voluntary to help businesses get familiar with the process in AIMS.

How to Add Additional Users to a Compliance Report

Watch Video

If you are the Prime user or Administrator for your TABC-licensed business in AIMS, you can grant access to additional users to complete a compliance report on behalf of the business (e.g., if your business has multiple locations).

How to File Excise Tax Reports

How to Print Your License

How to Complete a License Search

How to Update Principals (Ownership Information Changes)

Onboarding for Licensing Services, Attorneys and Others Representing Licensed Businesses

How to Pay for Transactions in Payment Cart


AIMS Support

Licensing, Application, and Account Questions

Call: (512) 206-3360

Excise Tax Questions

Call: (512) 206-3342

Product Registration Questions


Call: (512) 206-3410

Note: We prefer you call (512) 206-3360 for general AIMS questions; however, licensing staff are also available by email at

Disclosure Policy

TABC takes data security seriously. If you think you’ve discovered a potential data vulnerability in AIMS, please email