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Form: L-NT

Published Oct 2021

Nonprofit Entity Temporary Event

To be completed by certain nonprofit entities to hold events to raise money for their organizations.

Form: WDM

Published Oct 2021

Renewal: Brewer's License, Distiller's and Rectifier's Permit, General Class B Wholesaler's Permit, General Distributor's License, Wholesaler Permit, Winery Permit

Complete this form to renew your wholesaler's, distributor's, or manufacturer's license or permit

Form: L-AFB

Published Aug 2021

Adding a Food & Beverage Certificate

Submit this form to add a Food and Beverage Certificate (FB).

Form: C-26

Published June 2020

Application for Bond Exemption

Complete this form to apply for a bond exemption.

Form: C-716

Published Aug 2021

Application for Destruction of Alcoholic Beverages

Must be filed and approved before product destruction to receive a tax credit

Form: L-DS

Published Aug 2021

Application for Out-of-State Winery Direct Shipper's Permit

Must be completed by an out-of-state winery to sell and deliver wine directly to Texas consumers.

Form: L-2-62.2

Published June 2020

Assignment (For Conduct Surety Purposes Only)

Complete this form to show you have executed the Conduct Surety Bond requirements

Form: L-2-65

Published June 2020

Assignment (For Performance Bond Purposes Only)

Complete this form to show you have an executed assignment to fulfill  Performance Bond requirements

Form: L-2-37.4

Published June 2020

Assignment (Security for Taxes and/or Fees)

Complete this form to show you have a Certificate of Deposit to fulfill bond requirements.


Published June 2020

Bond Packet for Retailers

Conduct Surety and Performance bonds that may be required for retailers. (L-2-60.2, L-2-61.4, L-2-62.2, L-2-63, L-2-64 and L-2-65)