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TABC Licenses and Permits

TABC’s August pause on accepting original (new) applications is now in effect. From Aug. 1 to 31, TABC will not accept any applications for original primary licenses, subordinate authorities like Food and Beverage Certificates, or supplemental changes (e.g., location, ownership, business entity officers, etc.). TABC will continue processing applications submitted and completed July 31 or before.  

Learn more about the temporary processes in place as we prepare for major changes to our license types, fees and technology. Visit our Temporary Licensing Process page.


TABC’s Licensing Division can help you with all your licensing needs. Our teams support customers across the alcoholic beverage industry. We process close to 100,000 licenses and permits each year.  

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Your local TABC office is your best resource when applying for a new license or permit. They can walk you through the process and answer any questions. For general questions or to learn more about common license and permit topics, explore the links below. 

License and Permit Resources

TABC License and Permit Types

View descriptions of each license and permit type.

Temporary Permits and Events

Learn how to apply for temporary permits issued by TABC. 

Disaster Assistance for Licensees

Learn about the help TABC offers during declared disasters.

Information for County Officials

We offer several datasets and informational guides to help public officials like county judges and tax assessor collectors.

Temporary Modification of Premises

By working with TABC, manufacturing and retail businesses can expand the area where they are licensed to sell alcohol or conduct other licensed activities. This could help a business, like a restaurant, expand outdoor dining.

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