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File a TABC Certification School Complaint

If you believe a TABC-approved seller/server training school has violated the law or TABC Administrative Rules, there are several ways you can file a complaint with us.

Questions? Email

Filing Your Complaint

PDF Complaint Form

  1. Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.
  2. Download the form below.
  3. Fill out the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader and click the “Email” button at the bottom. This will open up your preferred email client so you can send your complaint to us.

Other Ways To File

  • By phone at 512-206-3420. 
  • Mail or bring the form in person to your local TABC office.

What To Report

A TABC-approved seller server training school that is: 

  • Not issuing certificates on the same day the course was completed — if all course requirements were met. 
  • Training the course incorrectly or providing incorrect information. 
  • Allowing students to not meet the minimum standards for course requirements of 120 minutes. 
  • Issuing certificates to students that did not meet minimum standards. 
  • Not securing personal information in a safe and secure manner. 
  • Allowing students to consume alcohol during the course. 
  • Promoting or advertising other services during instruction. 
  • Submitting information incorrectly to TABC. 
  • Any other illegal activity. 

Anonymous Complaints and Your Confidentiality

If you wish to remain anonymous when submitting a complaint form, do not provide any identifying information other than an email address. Keep in mind that including your name, phone number and address would let TABC investigators contact you if they have questions. TABC can also let you know the outcome of the investigation.

If you do file anonymously, provide as much information as possible. We close many anonymous complaints because we often don’t receive enough information.

TABC does not routinely publicize the name of a person who has filed a complaint. But the Texas Public Information Act requires that any information you provide will be disclosed to the public if it’s requested. Only personal email addresses will not be released to the public, but any other information within the email might be disclosed.

Once TABC Receives Your Complaint

  • We will let you know that we have received it.
  • A supervisor will review the complaint and determine whether there is sufficient information for TABC or another agency to investigate. This includes reviewing the complaint to verify that the statement indicates a potential violation of law or rules.
  • If there isn’t sufficient information to investigate the complaint, the supervisor will close the complaint record and note the reason for closing the complaint without investigation.
  • If the supervisor determines that another agency is better suited for the investigation, they will refer the information to that agency and note the referral. The supervisor will then close the complaint record.
  • If you have asked to be notified of the investigation’s outcome, you will be notified when it’s been completed and/or the complaint record is closed using the contact information you provided.