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Proactive Alcohol Compliance Enforcement

TABC wants to help businesses follow the law so they can focus on business. When we first receive a complaint against a business alleging a nonviolent offense, agents may automatically enroll businesses in the PACE program instead of conducting an initial investigation. PACE provides free educational materials and training opportunities to help businesses follow applicable laws.

How It Works

Being enrolled in the PACE program simply means you will be notified by TABC of the educational resources available to ensure your business is following applicable laws. It does not mean TABC has found a violation at the business.

After Enrollment

If TABC receives another complaint or finds a violation within the next two years, we will proceed with an investigation. However, if TABC does not receive another complaint within two years from the date of the notification letter sent to your business, you will once again be eligible for the program.

During this two-year period, you may receive additional communication from the agency to help your business stay in compliance with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.

Important note: Your enrollment in the PACE program does not prevent TABC from conducting compliance operations or investigating additional complaints or alleged violations of the Alcoholic Beverage Code or state law.

PACE Eligibility

Enrollment in the PACE program is determined for each case based on several factors, including:

  • History of complaints or previous violations at the business
  • Seriousness of complaint or alleged violation
  • Specificity of complaint (e.g., providing exact time or nature of alleged violation)
  • Overall risk to public safety