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Administrative Hearing Process

If you violate the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code or TABC Administrative Rules, you will either settle your case or go through the administrative hearing process, where a Texas State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) judge will hear your case.


If you violate the Code or Rules, you can settle the case with TABC without a hearing. During the settlement process, we’ll work with you to find an agreed-upon fine amount or temporary suspension of the business’ liquor license. Once we make an agreement, your business will be responsible for any civil fines or suspensions as ordered by TABC. A business owner may request an administrative hearing at any point in the process.

Administrative Hearings

You also have the right to contest TABC’s findings. An SOAH judge will hear the case before making a proposal for decision to TABC. The Commission decides whether to adopt, reject or modify these proposals for decision, and to issue a final order to that effect. The proposals may also be substituted with a different order. You have the right to appeal the final order. 

To learn more about the administrative hearing and appeals processes, please visit the SOAH website.

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