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Compliance Reporting


Compliance Reporting Canceled for Fall 2021. Businesses with TABC-licensed locations in Texas must complete a self-inspection of their premises through the TABC: Compliance Reporting mobile app every fall. However, they will not have to conduct compliance reporting for 2021.

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Getting Started With the App

Getting started is easy. Keep in mind the person who completes the online registration becomes the business’s administrator on the app. When you’ve decided who will be the main administrator, follow these steps: 

  • Visit the registration link we sent you by email or regular mail. Then complete the online registration process. If you haven’t received this link, request it through the CR Help Form.
  • After registering, the administrator can download the TABC: Compliance Reporting app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. An administrator can access the administrative portal page, add other administrators and users, and assign them to complete reports for specific locations.
  • Other people in the business can use the app only after the administrator adds them as a user or another administrator.
  • Remember to display your required signs before completing your inspection.

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