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Cash and Credit Law

Texas law requires cash transactions for beer and includes certain requirements for businesses buying liquor on credit. We encourage you to learn more about these laws below.

You can submit your cash and credit law reporting through our online portal or download the forms you need and submit them in person to your local TABC office or by regular mail.

Cash Law for Beer

Distributors in Texas can accept only cash when selling beer and malt beverages. This law applies to the following alcohol and license/permit types: 

  • Beer — A Distributor’s License (BB) holder selling beer to a Retail Dealer's On-Premise (BE) or Off-Premise (BF) licensee, a Wine and Beer Retailer's (BG) permittee, or a Wine and Beer Retailer's Off-Premise (BQ) permittee. 
  • Malt beverages — A Local Distributor’s (LP) permittee or any licensee allowed to resale this type of alcohol selling malt beverages to a mixed beverage or daily temporary mixed beverage permittee.

Other requirements include:

  • Post-dated checks are not considered cash sales, but a valid check or draft payable on demand can be accepted as cash.  
  • If a check or draft is accepted, the distributor must deposit it in the bank for payment within two days. 
  • If a check or draft does not go through, the distributor must report it to TABC within two days. 

Sundays and legal holidays are not counted.

Credit Law for Distilled Spirits, Wine and Malt Liquor

If a wholesale dealer sells distilled spirits, wine or malt liquor on credit to a retailer, the retailer must make payment by a certain time of the month. Wholesale dealers include:

  • Wholesalers, wineries and breweries that hold Self-Distribution Permits (DA). (Wineries are considered retailers when they purchase wine under credit terms from wholesalers.)
  • Qualified brewpubs.
  • Package stores that hold Local Distributor’s Permits (LP).

When the retailer pays depends on when they made the purchase. If the purchase is made:

  • From the first through the 15th day of the month, payment must be made on or before the 25th of the same month.
  • From the 16th through the last day of a month, payment must be made on or before the 10th day of the next month.

Wholesale dealers do not have to sell liquor on credit.

Credit Law Delinquent List

When a retailer does not make their payment for liquor on time, the seller has to report this to TABC. The retailer then goes on the Delinquent List that TABC publishes twice a month. No sales or deliveries can be made to retailers on or after the effective date of the list. The retailer can buy alcohol again when all delinquencies are paid and TABC’s records are cleared.

Cash and Credit Law Contacts

All sellers must email notices/affidavits to their regional office. You can check which region you're in by entering your location at the top of this page. 

Region 1 (Amarillo Regional Office)

Contact: Kara Stephens, regional audit supervisor
Phone: (806) 353-1286
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Attention: Audit and Investigations
3131 Bell St., Suite 106
Amarillo, TX 79106

Region 2 (Arlington Regional Office)

Contacts: Elane Lewis, administrative assistant or Segbe Golanyon, regional audit supervisor
Phone: (817) 607-2485
Email: or
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Attention: Audit and Investigations
2225 East Randol Mill Road, Suite 200
Arlington, TX 76011

Region 3 (Houston Regional Office)

Contacts: Twila Williams, assistant regional supervisor, or Nicole Phillips, regional audit supervisor
Phone: (713) 426-7900
Email: or
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Attention: Audit and Investigations
427 West 20th Street, Suite 600
Houston, TX 77008-2497

Region 4 (Austin Regional Office)

Contacts: Stephanie Connelly, team lead, or Joshua Alexander, regional audit supervisor
Phone: (512) 206-3349
Email: or
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Attention: Audit & Investigations
P.O. Box 13127
Austin, TX 78711

Region 5 (San Antonio Regional Office)

Contacts: Brittany Brown, administrative assistant, or Stacy Jackson, regional audit supervisor
Phone: (210) 731-1720
Email: or
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Attention: Audit & Investigations
Goliad Building
4203 Woodcock Drive, Suite 120
San Antonio, TX 78228-1372

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