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TABC Code and Rules

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code is made up of the guiding laws for the alcoholic beverage industry and passed by the Texas State Legislature

You can view the Code in the first link below by choosing "Alcoholic Beverage Code" in the Select Code dropdown menu. Then you can filter by chapter and section.

You can also view the entire Code text in the linked PDF document below.

TABC Administrative Rules

TABC’s Administrative Rules are created in an open and transparent process. Texas law gives TABC the ability to make the rules necessary to carry out the statutes adopted by lawmakers. Like other state agencies, TABC’s rules then become part of the Texas Administrative Code (Title 16, Part 3).

The Rulemaking Process

  1. Agency staff drafts a rule.
  2. Staff usually holds a stakeholder meeting open to the public to gather feedback.
  3. Commission votes on publishing the proposed rule for comment.
  4. Proposed rule published in the Texas Register.
  5. For 30 days after publication, members of the public can file written comments with the agency.
  6. Staff holds a public hearing and receives oral comments.
  7. Commission votes on adoption of rule.
  8. Adopted rule published in Texas Register.
  9. Rule becomes effective.

This process is also followed for rule amendments and repeals. Throughout the process, staff may revise rules based on public feedback. A rule may repeat a step in certain instances, such as being tabled at a commission meeting to be sent to another stakeholder meeting to incorporate additional feedback.

A calendar of stakeholder meetings, commission meetings and public hearings is maintained on the TABC Agency Meetings and Events page. You can also sign up to receive email notifications by registering for the Industry Notifications email list through the agency's Social Media and Email Signup page.

Updates from May 14 Commission Meeting

At the May 14, 2024, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission meeting, the board voted to take the following actions on agency rules:

Rules Published for Public Review

Purpose: State law requires TABC to periodically review its administrative rules to consider whether the reasons for initially adopting these rules continue to exist and determine whether these rules should be repealed, readopted, or readopted with amendments. 

Next steps: This rule review will be published in the Texas Register on the next available publication date (the second Friday after the commission meeting) and the public will have a 30-day comment period following publication.

TABC will consider any written comments on the rule review that are received by 5 p.m. Central time, on July 1, 2024. Send your comments to or to the Office of General Counsel, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, P.O. Box 13127, Austin, TX 78711-3127.

For a rule review to be effective, the board must vote to adopt it at a public meeting. The timing of this action is most often at the next commission meeting.

Rules Readopted

The agency completed its review of these rules and the board readopted them consistent with the Administrative Procedure Act.

Additional Information

The most current version of TABC’s (and other agencies') administrative rules are maintained on the Secretary of State website.

If you have questions about rules or commission action on rules, contact Kelly Johnson, Office of General Counsel, at 512-206-3367 or

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