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Industry Guidance

TABC wants to support and empower your business so it can flourish, so we’ve provided a hub for our industry guidance, information, resources and updates.

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Marketing Practices


We release marketing practices guidance for the alcoholic beverage industry so that the law is interpreted and applied consistently across the state.

MPA0632/2020Limits on Merchandising Services Provided to Off-Premise Retailers
MPA0621/2020Outdoor Advertising Regulations
MPA0611/2020Alcohol Delivery to Consumers from Certain Retailers
MPA0597/2019BYOB – Manufacturing Tier Facilities
MPA0583/2019Self-Pour Systems
MPA0573/2019Permitted Golf Courses Licensed Under a Single Address and Ownership
MPA0566/2013Wine Shipping and Third Party Advertisers/Payment Processing Services
MPA0556/2013Wine Shipping Calendar Calculation
MPA0543/2013Credit Law Requirements
MPA0532/2013Promotional Activity Prearrangement/Preannouncement for Beer
Amended February 5, 2014
MPA05212/2012Distinguishing Between Illegal Outdoor Advertising and Content Neutral Illustrations
MPA05109/2012Market Research Guidelines
MPB05003/2012Promotional Activity Prearrangement / Preannouncement and Advertising Product Location
MPB04901/2012Changes to Current Regulations – Advertising and Labeling
MPB04811/2011Credit Law Requirements Update
MPB04708/2011Split Case Fees - Wine and Distilled Spirits
MPB04607/2011Post Delivery Product Damage, a.k.a. "Chips and Flats"
MPB04502/2011TABC Adds Active Suspended Permit Status to Public Inquiry System
MPB04401/2011Mixed Beverage Purchasing Requirements
Amended February 21, 2013
MPB04301/2011Cash Credit Law Field Settlement Civil Penalty Chart
MPB04212/2010TABC Authorizations for Credit Exchange of Caffeinated Malt Beverages
MPB04112/2010TABC Expands Collaborative Effort with Comptroller's Office to Collect Delinquent Taxes
MPB04011/2010TABC Seeks Voluntary Removal of All Caffeinated Malt Beverages from the Texas Marketplace
MPB03911/2010Credit Law Rule Requirements Update
Amended December 2, 2010
MPA03806/2010Reach Back Pricing
Amended January 19, 2014
MPB03703/2010Digital File Retention
MPB03602/2010Product Displays & Enhancement Items
MPB03512/200916 TAC 45.131 Cash Law Requirements
Revised December 28, 2009
MPB03410/2009Possession of Alcoholic Beverages for Cooking Purposes
MPB03309/2009Texas Distillery On-Site Samplings
MPB03209/2009Bottle Engraving
MPB03109/2009Distribution of Non-Alcoholic Products by Alcoholic Beverage Distributors
MPB03010/200916 TAC 45.121 Credit Law Requirements
Amended October 15, 2009
MPB02907/2009The Sale of Glassware and Nonalcoholic Beverages by Certain Wholesalers and Distributors
MPB02806/2009Distinguishing Between a Sign and an Illegal Improvement
MPB02701/2009Refunds, Credits or Exchanges
MPB02606/2008Charitable, Religious or Civic Organizations Serving Alcoholic Beverages at Fundraising Events
Amended June 9, 2008
MPA02512/2007Retail Sale of Liquor and Beer Co-Packs
Amended February 5, 2014
MPB02409/2009Sale of Alcoholic Beverages to Private Clubs
Amended September 23, 2009
MPB02308/2007Amendments to Statutory Provisions during 80th Legislature
MPB02203/2007Retailer Advertising Specialties
MPB02103/2007Public Storage of Consumer’s Private Wine Collection
Amended March 5, 2007
MPB02009/2012On-Premise Consumer Taste Comparison
Amended September 19, 2012
MPB01907/2006Private Club Advertisement
MPB01812/2005Coupon Offers
MPB01709/2005Consumer Events Sponsored by Upper Tier Members at Non-Licensed Venues
MPB01601/2020Advertising Product on Delivery Vehicles
Amended January 2, 2020
MPB01506/2005Infusion of Vodka and/or other Distilled Spirits
MPB01404/2005Retailer offering Price Discount to Consumer
MPB01302/2005Cost of Promotional Items to Retailers
MPB01204/2005Common Media Issues
Amended October 12, 2007
MPB01102/2005Methods of Payment and Central Pay Collection Relating to Cash Law
MPB01012/2004Malt Beverage Labels
MPB00911/2004Fuel Surcharge
MPB00809/2004Agency Realignment
MPB00708/2004Malt Beverage Secondary Packaging
MPB00606/2012Classification of Cooler Door Racks, Shelf Glides, and Spring-Loaded Shelf Glides
Amended June 1, 2012
MPB00507/2004Retail Seller/Server Policies & Procedures
MPB00407/2004Billboards & Electric Signs: "Distance Measurement"
MPB00307/2004C02 Filter as Draught Dispensing Equipment
Repealed by SB 1472 Effective September 1, 2005
MPB00206/2004Wine and/or Product Tastings at Retail Accounts
Amended September 17, 2010
MPB00106/2004Signage in Unlicensed Establishments
Amended November 9, 2010



TABC provides guidance to explain requirements for license and permit holders.

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