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Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS) FAQs

In September, onboarding will be available to all manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers with at least one license or permit expiration in September or October of any year.  It will be phased in monthly after that. We’ll hold virtual training sessions with each tier about 60 days before their renewal date.

View the onboarding schedule here.

No. AIMS is an entirely different system, so the logins you currently use will not apply.

Your account information, including each license or permit currently held, will be available to you in AIMS. But your past paperwork will not be transferred into AIMS.

We’ll provide screenshots and demos of the renewal process in July or early August.

If you currently hold an active TABC license or permit, you’ll be able to add a licensing service to your account to act on your behalf.  Existing license holders will submit original applications through their new AIMS account.

If you do not currently hold a TABC license or permit, you’ll need to create a new AIMS account before applying.

Once the account administrator for your account is set up in AIMS and you’ve claimed your business (i.e., confirm licenses, permits, etc.), the account administrator can assign access to a licensing agent from your AIMS dashboard in the User Management tool. Licensing agents can have access to multiple accounts when properly assigned by each license or permit holder.

Yes. You will have to set up your AIMS account when your business is scheduled to onboard. Then, you’ll be able to add the licensing service to your account. You and your licensing service can access the account from that point on, and you can both complete tasks like submitting renewals.

View the onboarding schedule here.

All licenses and permits held by a single entity will be available within their AIMS account once the onboarding process is completed.

Yes. AIMS will require the license holder’s officers, their corresponding dates of birth, and the Owner of Property information.

AIMS will be your new hub for conducting your TABC business. You should use AIMS for submitting all your applications. The processing time will be quicker, and AIMS will automate some of your work to save you time. For example, certifications and other forms in AIMS will be pre-filled based on information you provide in your AIMS account.

We will publish new paper application forms in September, but we highly recommend you apply through AIMS because they take longer to process, whether emailed or mailed.

License holders can choose to not use AIMS, at least in the beginning years of the new system. But if you follow this manual process, TABC staff must manually enter all applications and information you submitted. This manual process will result in longer wait times to conduct transactions with TABC and process an application.

About 70 data fields will be migrated from the existing licensing system into AIMS. These data fields fall into groupings that include business name, trade name, location information, contact information (e.g., phone numbers and email addresses), ownership, officers’ names, and your new license type structure that goes into effect Sept. 1.