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Temporary Event Authorizations

This page outlines the requirements to hold temporary events in Texas where alcohol is sold. 


Types of Temporary Event Authorizations

On-Premise Retailers and Wineries

On-premise retailers (like holders of a Mixed Beverage Permit and Wine and Malt Beverage retailers) and wineries can hold events at a temporary location as part of their primary TABC license or permit, with no additional subordinate or temporary permits required. Many of these events will still need TABC pre-approval and are subject to late filing fees.   

Events held by two-year license holders will fall into one of two categories, and you won’t pay additional fees for these: 

File and Use Notifications

  • Form: L-FUN – File and Use Notification
  • FUNs allow license holders to submit information about their temporary event to TABC and hold the event without our pre-approval if your event meets all of the following criteria:   
    • Event will be private (not open to the public).  
    • Estimated attendance is limited to 500 people maximum.  
    • Estimated wholesale value of alcohol provided or sold is less than $10,000.  
    • Event is not sponsored by a member of the manufacturing or wholesale tiers. 
    • Property owner has authorized the event. 

You can submit a FUN anytime, and it’s not subject to late filing fees.

Temporary Event Approvals

  • Form: L-TEA – Temporary Event Approval
  • You must submit a TEA request to be approved for all other events that don’t meet FUN criteria. These events are limited to four-day increments, but you can submit back-to-back requests for longer events. Submit all requests at least 10 business days before the start date of the event, or your request will be subject to late filing fees.

Nonprofits Without a TABC License


Nonprofit organizations as defined by the Section 30.01 of the Alcoholic Beverage Code can apply for a Nonprofit Entity Temporary Event Permit (NT).   

These events may last up to 10 consecutive days and have a $50 fee per day. Submit all NT permit applications at least 10 business days before the start date of the event to avoid late filing fees.  

Auctions only: There are different requirements for nonprofits holding auctions only where no other alcoholic beverages will be sold. Applicants simply file a completed notification form with TABC but do not need pre-approval. We also don’t charge a fee if you get an NT permit for these events, and you will not be subject to late filing fees.

Getting Your Temporary Event Authorization

How To File

TABC license holders and nonprofits without a license may use the new Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS) to submit temporary event authorizations to TABC only after they’ve onboarded into AIMS.  

All others should submit completed forms through the traditional email process or by appointment in a local TABC office. Once you’ve onboarded into AIMS, you aren’t required to submit temporary event authorizations through AIMS but doing so will ensure it’s processed quicker. 

Late Filing Fees

If you do not submit your application 10 business days before your event, you will have to pay the following late filing fees: 

  • $300 for applications received nine to seven business days before the event. 
  • $500 for applications received six to four business days before the event. 
  • $900 for applications received three to one business day before the event. 

Late filing fees do not apply to File and Use Notifications or to NT permits that are specifically for auctions. 

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