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Certain businesses must post a bond with TABC before they can get their license or permit.

The easiest way to submit your bond information is when you apply for a license through the Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS). AIMS will guide you through this process. You can also submit paper forms, but they will take longer to process.

Use this page to learn more about the different bonds you might need for your business. For questions, contact your local TABC Office.

Types of Bonds

  • Conduct Surety Bond 
  • Performance Bond 
  • Fee Interest Bond 

Conduct Surety Bond

You will need this if you’re a retailer who does not hold a Food and Beverage (FB) Certificate. The amount of the bond is based on your business’ distance from a public school:

  • $5,000 bond — Businesses more than 1,000 feet from a public school. 
  • $10,000 bond — Businesses less than 1,000 feet from a public school. 

You can submit the Conduct Surety Bond as a bond, letter of credit or assignment of a certificate of deposit (CD).

Performance Bond

You’ll only need this bond if you meet all of the following criteria: 

  • Your business is located in Bexar, Harris, Dallas or Tarrant counties. 
  • You’re a holder or applicant for a Retailer Dealer’s On-Premise License (BE) or a Wine and Beer Retailer’s Permit (BG). 
  • You do not hold a Food and Beverage (FB) Certificate. 

If all the above points apply to you, you’ll need a $2,000 bond. This amount will increase if you violate the Alcoholic Beverage Code or TABC Rules.

You can submit the Performance Bond as a bond, letter of credit, or assignment of a certificate of deposit (CD).

Fee Interest Bond

You’ll only need a $30,000 fee interest bond if you meet the following criteria:

You can submit the fee interest bond as a bond, letter of credit or assignment of certificate of deposit (CD).

Canceled Bonds

As a courtesy, TABC will send a notice to you if your surety company or bank is canceling your bond. You’ll need to provide us with certain information to prevent the possible cancellation of your license or permit.

Contact the Licensing staff at your local TABC office right away if you get this notice.

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