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Audits and Investigations

TABC conducts audits and investigations of licensed businesses to protect public safety.

You’ll likely interact with a TABC auditor:

  • When starting your business or getting a TABC license or permit. 
  • During TABC trainings. 
  • To assist you or help you understand important information. 
  • During a TABC audit of a license or permit. 
  • During a TABC regulatory investigation of a license or permit. 

A visit from TABC can be helpful for you and your business. Auditors are not only looking for violations, but are also available to answer questions or discuss any issues you might be having.

The Audit and Investigations Division also oversees required annual compliance reporting and maintains the delinquent list related to cash and credit laws for businesses in the alcoholic beverage industry.

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Resources and Information

Compliance Reporting

Learn about our TABC:Compliance Reporting mobile app, which all license and permit holders use to submit their compliance reports.

Audit and Investigation Forms

Download forms for audits and investigations.

Cash and Credit Law Forms

Download forms related to cash and credit law.

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