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File a TABC Employee Complaint

Anybody can make complaints about TABC employee misconduct to the TABC Office of Inspector General. TABC has created a regulated employee misconduct complaint review and investigation process to ensure the consistent, fair and impartial treatment of the public and agency employees.

Filing Your Complaint

Online Form

PDF Complaint Form

  1. Download the form from the link below.
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. Email the form to

Other Ways to File

  • By phone at 512-206-3405 
  • Fax the form to 512-206-3207 
  • In person at your local TABC office.
  • Mail the form to Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, Attn: Office of Inspector General, P.O. Box 13127, Austin, TX 78711. 
  • You can also write a letter or send an email without using the form. Make sure your letter includes as much detail as possible, like: 
    • Your name, address and phone number. 
    • Name of the accused TABC employee(s), if known. 
    • Detailed statement describing the nature of the complaint and all facts and witnesses, including contact information, if known. 
    • Your signature. 

Anonymous Complaints

When you submit a complaint, you can file anonymously. Keep in mind that refusing to make a signed or written complaint makes the investigation more difficult to resolve effectively. The office will decide whether to investigate your complaint based on reported facts.

Once TABC Receives Your Complaint

The Office of Inspector General will: 

  • Notify you in writing, whenever possible, confirming that your complaint was received. 
  • Conduct interviews of involved parties and collect evidentiary materials. 
  • Prepares a report with the investigative findings and conclusions. 
  • Notify you of the results when the investigation has been completed. 

TABC has a zero-tolerance policy that strictly prohibits retaliation toward anyone who reports allegations of misconduct. Acts of retaliation are taken seriously, investigated, and, if found to be true, appropriate action is taken.