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Tax Rates

Below are the tax rates that travelers pay for importing distilled spirits, malt beverages, wine and cigarettes into Texas.

Tax Rates (including $3.00 administrative fees)
Distilled Spirits
Miniature (2 ounces or less) (50 mL or less)$3.25
Half pint (200 mL)$3.25
Pint (500 mL)$3.50
Fifth (750 mL)$3.50
Quart (1 L) (1,000 mL)$3.75
Half gallon (1.75 L)$4.25
1 gallon (3.5 L)$5.50
Malt Beverages
6 12-ounce containers$3.25
24 12-ounce containers$3.50
Gallon (3.5 L)$3.75
Fifth (750 mL)$3.25
Carton (10 packs)$15.00
Single pack$1.50