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AIMS Onboarding Virtual Education

Use this page to watch past onboarding virtual education sessions for the Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS).

Choose the session below based on your business's tier in the alcoholic beverage industry.

Session Replays

Manufacturing Tier, Distribution/Wholesale Tier and Brewpub License Holders

Originally broadcast Aug. 17, 2021

This session is for business entities that have a TABC license or permit in the manufacturing tierdistribution tier, or that hold a Brewpub License.

Watch the replay.

Retail Tier Members

Originally broadcast May 19, 2022

This session was originally for retail tier businesses that have a TABC license or permit that expires in July (expiration year does NOT matter). Anybody who is onboarding into AIMS can also watch this video process to learn how to access AIMS now.

Watch the replay.

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