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Jan 24, 2022

AIMS Updates – Jan. 24, 2021

TABC has updated the AIMS Updates webpage containing an ongoing list of Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS) improvements and issues the agency is working to resolve.

View the AIMS Updates page.

The following issues have been fixed or resolved:

  • Business Name in AIMS Email Notifications: Emails do not identify the name of the business related to the notification.
  • Self-Service License Surrender: Error appeared when user tried to surrender a license.
  • Renewal Date: Displayed Incorrectly.
  • Error Message: Existing Person or Entity: A business’s Claim Business process is stopped by an error message stating, “The information/record already exists in the system for another person or entity," related to entering property owner information.
  • Certificate of Good Standing Page: Needs updated language.
  • Business Ownership Information — Error — Record Already Exists: AIMS doesn’t accept an applicant entity’s ownership information when the owner is a corporate entity that is already on file with TABC as an owner of an existing TABC license holder or TABC license applicant.
  • Application Summary Page – City/County Certification: Form should identify both the entity name and tradename and should display the mailing address and the location address.
  • Unable to Complete Principal Party Information: Some users cannot complete principal party information due to AIMS not validating that all information has been entered.
  • More Detail Needed in Confirmation Email: Application ID, name of the applicant or the location for the license are not listed in the confirmation email when the application is submitted.
  • Brewer/AP Relationship: User is not able to add contract brewing/AP relationship to existing permit in AIMS.
  • Unable to View Report Submission Information (Excise Tax)
  • Excise Tax Reports Not Accepted: Users were temporarily unable to file excise tax reports.
  • Excise Tax Incoming Inventory: AIMS temporarily was not properly accepting and accounting for incoming inventory.
  • File Upload Issue (Excise Tax): Users temporarily unable to upload excise tax files.
  • Records Not Accepted (Excise Tax): AIMS temporarily did not allow new online filing records.
  • Surrendered License (Excise Tax): User with surrendered license unable to file excise tax report.
  • Nonresident Tax History: Nonresident Seller unable to see history of reports submitted.

Updates made between Dec. 11, 2021, and Jan. 24, 2022.

View the AIMS Updates page.

AIMS Information

Getting Your Temporary Event Authorization

TABC license or permit holders and nonprofits without a license can use the new Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS) to submit temporary event authorizations to TABC after they’ve onboarded into AIMS.

Once you’ve onboarded into AIMS, using the new system will ensure your event authorization is processed quicker.

To start using AIMS, follow the steps on the How To Use AIMS webpage.

All others should visit the Temporary Events Authorizations webpage to access and submit completed forms by email or appointment at a TABC office.

Reminder: September 2021–February 2022 License Expiration Dates

To ensure businesses can renew their licenses, even if they encounter issues in AIMS, TABC is providing a temporary solution.

Read more.

Reminder: Claim Your Business

If an existing license or permit holder is scheduled to begin using AIMS, that business should complete the Claim Business process before completing applications using AIMS.

Learn more and follow the steps on the How To Use AIMS webpage.

New Excise Tax Guides Available

TABC has published new excise tax guides organized by license and permit type on the How To Use AIMS webpage.

The new guides make it easier for businesses to access the information that applies to their type of operation.

Visit How To Use AIMS webpage.

FAQ: How Do I Update the Diagram for My Premises?

Find the answer to this and other common questions by visiting our Alcohol Industry Management System FAQs page.

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