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Sept 30, 2021

Important: TABC Public Inquiry Data Updates 

Data in TABC's Public Inquiry System has been updated to reflect license consolidation and new technology.

Some businesses have reported discrepancies in the data and license status listed in the system. TABC is working to resolve these issues. 

If there appears to be a discrepancy with a license status that may affect a wholesale/distribution or Local Distributor (LP) transaction, the business delivering the product can: 

  • Accept from retail businesses proof of payment for their renewal and copy of their virtual summary screen from TABC's application system confirming that the retailer submitted a renewal application. 
  • Accept from a retail business a copy of the renewed license or permit for that business (license that is not expired).
  • Contact TABC’s Licensing division to verify the license status: 
  • If the business has a September 2021 expiration date, read the note below. 

September and October Renewal Dates 

To accommodate the transition to AIMS, all licenses and permits with September or October 2021 expiration dates are considered active and pending renewal by the agency until Oct. 31, 2021, even if the status field indicates otherwise in the TABC Public Inquiry System. This means that businesses with September or October 2021 expiration dates may continue to operate as normal and still accept wholesale/distribution or Local Distributor (LP) transactions, despite having an expired license date or status in Public Inquiry.

Note for Local Governments and Others Verifying License Status

While the TABC Public Inquiry System undergoes updates, you may use the same steps outlined above to verify a license or permit for any TABC-licensed business.  

Originally published Sept. 2, 2021

Updated Sept. 30, 2021