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Temporary Permits and Events

This page provides guidance on a variety of temporary events where alcohol is served. TABC issues temporary permits to retailer permittees who want to sell or serve alcohol at an event happening outside of their licensed location. We also issue them to nonprofits that hold events at locations that aren’t licensed by us.

Anybody who wants to host an event with alcohol needs to get a temporary permit with TABC. These permits are issued:

  • As an extension of your primary license/permit. 
  • For the on-premise sale and consumption of the same alcoholic beverages that are under the primary license/permit. 
  • In areas wet for the type of alcohol to be sold. 
  • For locations away from a retailer’s premises. 
  • For picnics, celebrations and similar events. 

How to Apply 

  1. Choose the type of permit you want to apply for. Visit the License and Permit Types page to read descriptions for each. The permit types are:
    • Daily Temporary Mixed Beverage Permit (TB)
    • Daily Temporary Private Club Permit (TN)
    • Temporary Wine and Beer Retailer's Permit (BH or HP)
    • Special Three-Day Wine and Beer Permit (SB)
    • Temporary Auction Permit (CA)
  2. To apply, visit the New Licenses and Permits Forms page and download one of our two forms for temporary events. One form is for current license and permit holders and the other is for fraternal, religious, charitable, civic and political organizations.
  3. Email your local TABC office or apply in person 10 business days before the event to avoid processing delays and fees.

If you do not submit your application 10 business days before the event, you will have to pay the following expedited processing fees:

  • $300 for applications received nine to seven business days before the event.
  • $500 for applications received six to four business days before the event.
  • $900 for applications received three to one business day before the event.

Other Event Information


The holder of a Caterer’s Permit (CB) may sell mixed beverages on a temporary basis at a place other than where the holder’s Mixed Beverage Permit (MB) is issued.

You need to submit your request by email or in person to your local TABC office 10 business days before the event, or you will have to pay the expedited processing fees listed in the How to Apply section.

Wine Festivals

The holder of a Winery Festival Permit (GF) may sell wine at a civic or wine festival, farmers’ market, celebration, or similar event.

You need to submit your request by email or in person to your local TABC office 10 business days before the event, or you will have to pay the expedited processing fees listed in the How to Apply section.

File and Use Catering Certificates

In certain cases, holders of a Caterer’s Permit (CB) can obtain a File and Use Catering Certificate by filing a notice form with TABC before a private or funeral-related event. In these limited cases, the business does not need prior certificate approval, and filing the notice is enough.

Read the licensing bulletin to learn more.

Poker Tournaments

If a licensed business wants to offer a poker tournament or if a nonprofit wants to hold a poker run, the Texas Attorney General’s Office has offered guidance for both events. You can find these opinions at the following links:

Helpful Links