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Dec 12, 2023

INDUSTRY NOTICE: Annual compliance reporting period starts Jan. 1

To: Holders of BW, BB, BC, BE, BF, BG, BQ, D, G, MB, N, NB, NE, P, Q, W, and X licenses and permits

Re: Required compliance reporting for TABC-licensed businesses with Texas locations starts soon

What: You are required to conduct a compliance report (i.e., self-inspection) for each of your licensed/permitted locations in Texas. The report requires your business to answer a series of questions about its operations and take certain photos at the premises to confirm the business is following applicable laws.

When: Begin and complete your compliance report(s) anytime between Jan. 1, 2024, and March 31, 2024. *

*Exceptions: For holders of any primary license/permit that is accompanied by a combination of subordinates and/or certificates as displayed in the table below, do NOT begin your compliance report on Jan. 1. Instead, we will contact you later in 2024 to provide you with a different reporting period.

Permit combinations that begin their report(s) on a later date

  • P + LP    
  • BG + BP + E
  • BG + E    
  • BG + BP + FB + E
  • BG + FB +E    
  • BG + BP + LH + E
  • BG + LH + E    
  • BG + BP + FB + LH + E
  • BG + FB + LH + E    
  • BW + SD

If you hold a P, BG, or BW by itself (without the above combination of subordinates and/or certificates), you are still required to file your compliance report between Jan. 1 and March 31, 2024. It is only if you have one of the above combinations that you will begin your reports at a later date that TABC will provide you. For example, a Package Store Permit (P) without an LP must file their report between Jan. 1 and March 31, as will the holder of a BG that doesn’t have any subordinates or certificates.

How: Conduct your compliance report by using the Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS) on your mobile device.

Next steps

  • Make sure you can log in to AIMS and access all licenses and permits that you hold or help manage. If you need to set up an AIMS account or need help using AIMS, visit our How to Use AIMS page.  
  • Download the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser app on your mobile device from your device’s app store (AIMS will not work on other web browsers). Make sure you can log in to AIMS on your mobile browser and access your accounts.  
  • Visit the TABC Compliance Reporting page for resources on how to conduct compliance reports in AIMS and how you can assign this task to others to conduct reports on your behalf.  
  • *On Jan. 1, 2024: You may access the compliance reporting feature in AIMS and begin filing reports for your Texas premises.  
  • *On March 31, 2024: You must submit a compliance report for each of your licensed/permitted locations in Texas.  
  • Failure to file your report(s) on time could result in a visit from a TABC representative, an administrative warning, delayed renewal, and other consequences.

Compliance tip

Before conducting your compliance report(s), make sure your business displays its licenses/permits and all other required signs. This is a common area of non-compliance.