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July 13, 2022

Expiration of temporary coronavirus measures

To: All TABC license and permit holders

All temporary TABC policy exemptions and Alcoholic Beverage Code waivers related to coronavirus have expired, and the agency is discontinuing use of the Coronavirus Information page.

Although the temporary actions to assist businesses during the height of COVID-19 are no longer in effect, a new license structure, new technology and new laws are all in place to provide ongoing support for businesses. You can learn about those permanent changes on the following webpages: 

TABC is committed to helping businesses as they recover from the effects of the pandemic, and as the industry continues to grow across all tiers.

View Coronavirus Information page for more information about past agency actions. 

Note: Removal and replacement of malt beverage products

As with other coronavirus measures, the waiver for removal and replacement of malt beverage products is no longer in effect. Because of this, businesses must discontinue the practice. TABC will use its discretion to ensure businesses come into compliance with the law and may take administrative action if necessary.