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Coronavirus Information

This page is no longer in use because all waivers and exemptions related to the coronavirus have expired.

Helping Businesses

TABC is committed to helping businesses as they recover from the effects of the pandemic, and as the industry continues to grow across all tiers. Although the temporary actions to assist businesses during the height of COVID-19 are no longer in effect, a new license structure, new technology and new laws are all in place to provide ongoing support for businesses. You can learn about those permanent changes on the following webpages:

Previous Actions (No Longer in Effect)

The agency implemented numerous actions during the peak of the pandemic to help businesses, including:

March 2020

TABC’s Actions

  • Launched Coronavirus Information webpage and emails
  • Allowed for electronic application submissions
  • Provided printable 60-Day signs
  • Expedited approvals of delivery applications
  • Provided cash/credit law penalty relief
  • Waived requirement for retailer signature on wholesale receipts

Governor’s Waivers

  • Allowed refunds for certain temporary event permits
  • Allowed for distributors to repurchase surplus products
  • Allowed for distribution trucks to deliver grocery supplies
  • Allowed Mixed Beverage Permit (MB) holders to sell alcohol-to-go

April-May 2020

TABC’s Actions

  • Accepted alternative to notary certifications
  • Released hand sanitizer production guidance
  • Provided leniency on late excise tax payments
  • Issued GA-18 guidance (bars closed | restaurants at 25%)
  • Issued GA-23 guidance (bars at 25% | restaurants at 50%)
  • Extended seller/server certificate expirations to August

Governor’s Waivers

  • Allowed distributors to remove or replace malt beverage products
  • Allowed TABC to renew licenses beyond deadline
  • Allowed TABC to waive late fee on license renewals

June 2020-March 2021

TABC’s Actions

  • Issued GA-26 guidance (bars at 50% | restaurants at 75%)
  • Educated businesses for Operation Safe Open
  • Issued GA-28 guidance (bars closed | restaurants at 50%)
  • Allowed for one-year renewals for Mixed Beverage Permits (MBs)
  • Established process for modifying a licensed premises
  • Established process to qualify as a restaurant under GA-28
  • Eased qualifications for Food and Beverage Certificates
  • Provided path for veterans organizations to reopen
  • Issued GA-30 guidance (bars closed | restaurants at 50 or 75%)
  • Issued GA-32 guidance (bars closed or at 50% | restaurants at 50 or 75%)

Governor’s Waivers

  • Allowed Mixed Beverage restaurants to sell mixed drinks for pickup and delivery