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May 22, 2023

TABC prepares to ensure public safety over Memorial Day weekend

AUSTIN — As Memorial Day weekend approaches, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) is ramping up its efforts to promote public safety and encourage responsible alcohol sales and service.

TABC law enforcement officers will conduct operations across Texas throughout Memorial Day weekend, which coincides with graduation ceremonies and end-of-year celebrations at schools throughout the state. Those operations will include open and undercover inspections to deter violence and the overservice of alcoholic beverages and will also include underage compliance operations (UCOs) to identify businesses selling alcohol to persons under 21. Additionally, agents from TABC’s Targeted Responsibility for Alcohol-Connected Emergencies (TRACE) Unit will be available to respond to alcohol-related emergencies such as DWI crashes, assaults, and more.

Businesses caught violating the state’s alcohol laws could face a fine or temporary suspension of their license to sell alcohol. During the month of May 2022, TABC agents conducted more than 2,800 inspections, finding a total of 112 violations resulting in 76 administrative cases.

“Texans across the state will be kicking off their summer during the Memorial Day holiday weekend, and it’s our goal to ensure they can celebrate safely,” TABC Executive Director Thomas Graham said. “While we hope businesses will voluntarily comply with state law, as most usually do, we want all Texans to know that TABC will have resources in place to deter unsafe practices, respond to emergencies, and hold violators accountable. We expect a safe and successful holiday for the vast majority of the businesses we serve.”

Anyone wishing to report a possible violation at TABC-licensed businesses may do so by visiting and clicking on the File a Complaint button. Complaints can also be submitted to TABC by email at or by calling 1-888-THE-TABC.

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TABC Director of Communications

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