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Jan 21, 2020

TABC Opens Investigation Into Deadly Ventura Nightclub Shooting

SAN ANTONIO – The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has opened an investigation into a deadly shooting where a 19-year old man is accused of killing two people and injuring five at a Riverwalk nightclub January 19.

TABC agents will conduct a breach investigation of Ventura, 1011 Avenue B, to determine if the club took proper steps to ensure public safety. Investigators will also examine whether the sale or service of alcohol contributed to the shooting.

TABC agents were notified about the shooting shortly after it occurred. According to police, two men, 20-year-old Robert Jay Martinez III and 25-year-old Alejandro Robles were killed. The suspect in the shooting, 19-year-old Kiernan Christopher Williams, was later arrested and charged with capital murder.

Breach investigations are standard procedure any time a violent incident resulting in death or serious injury – dubbed a 'breach of the peace' by TABC – occurs at a licensed business, according to agency Executive Director Bentley Nettles.

"The vast majority of licensed alcohol retailers are taking the necessary steps to protect their customers," he said. "In those rare cases where a violent incident takes place, TABC is committed to determining whether business owners did what was necessary to keep the public safe."

Under the Alcoholic Beverage Code, alcohol license or permit holders are required to maintain the peace in their establishment. This includes refusing sale of alcohol to intoxicated patrons, notifying law enforcement of a violent incident within 24 hours as well as disallowing handguns at locations where such weapons are prohibited.

Media Contact:Chris Porter Public Information Officer (512) 206-3462