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Oct 26, 2020

TABC Now Offering Training Course for Alcohol Delivery Drivers

Training will help drivers avoid common alcohol-related violations, promote safety

AUSTIN — A new training program from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission allows employees or contractors of eligible alcohol retailers to earn a certification as an alcohol delivery driver.

The Texas Responsible Alcohol Delivery certification (TRAD) is available to employees or contractors of businesses which hold a TABC Consumer Delivery (CD) permit who make alcohol deliveries anywhere within Texas. The online-only course is administered directly through the TABC website, with two-year certifications costing $25 per person.

Students of the course will learn critical best practices related to the safe delivery of alcohol, including checking a delivery area’s wet/dry status, checking customer IDs and ensuring alcohol is not delivered to an intoxicated person.

Businesses whose drivers are certified through the program could be eligible for some protection from liabilities in the event a driver violates the law, similar to the “Safe Harbor” law available at brick-and-mortar alcohol retailers.

“The people of Texas have spoken: Delivery of alcoholic beverages is here to stay,” TABC Executive Director Bentley Nettles said. “As the state’s regulator of alcohol, it’s critically important that we help drivers and their employers make the best choices when it comes to selling and delivering alcohol safely and within the guidelines established by the Texas Legislature.”

A new video from TABC provides a detailed look at some of the most common best practices when delivering alcohol. For more information about the TRAD program, visit our Texas Responsible Alcohol Delivery (TRAD) page.