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April 6, 2023

TABC joins Gov. Abbott’s 'One Pill Kills' campaign to raise awareness of fentanyl dangers

AUSTIN — The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has joined Gov. Greg Abbott’s “One Pill Kills” campaign helping Texans recognize the dangers of fentanyl poisoning.

Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid used by medical professionals to treat severe pain. Illicitly made versions of the drug have entered the illegal drug market, putting lives at risk. The campaign seeks to raise awareness of the dangers of fentanyl, lethal doses of which can be found in cocaine, heroin, counterfeit prescription pills, and other narcotics.

As regulators of the state’s alcoholic beverage industry, TABC will work with alcohol manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to help them recognize the signs of fentanyl poisoning. The agency will provide educational materials to each of the more-than 60,000 TABC-licensed businesses throughout the state, and TABC Enforcement agents will continue to investigate locations where illegal narcotics are found or sold.


“Texas’ alcohol retailers are already trained to recognize the signs of intoxication and to provide help for customers at risk of alcohol poisoning. It’s our hope that retailers will continue to help by training their staff to recognize signs of a fentanyl overdose and calling for medical help when lives may be at risk. By working together, we can save lives and reduce the impact of this deadly drug.”

For more information about the “One Pill Kills” campaign, visit:

To view TABC’s fentanyl awareness tip sheet and other resources for alcohol retailers, visit

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Chris Porter

TABC Public Information Officer

(512) 206-3462