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Aug 7, 2018

TABC Earns Videographer Award of Excellence for Anti-Binge Drinking PSA

AUSTIN – An innovative video describing the dangers of college binge drinking has resulted in a prestigious award for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission's Education & Prevention Division.

The American Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals presented the agency with the Videographer Award of Excellence following the release of TABC's public service announcement video, "My Story: Fall Semester." The video chronicles several weeks in the life of a college freshman via his social media posts. As the student settles into college life, he and his roommate are invited to a campus party, where their lives take a tragic turn following an evening of binge drinking and hazing. The video urges students to refrain from underage consumption of alcohol while asking parents to talk to their children about the dangers of alcohol abuse.

TABC's Education & Prevention staff created the video, which is part of the Commission's renewed effort to end binge drinking and hazing at Texas college campuses.

"Binge drinking ruins lives, plain and simple," said Commission Chairman Kevin J. Lilly. "If you participate in a party or drinking ritual where a person is severely hurt or killed due to alcohol consumption, you can face extreme consequences."

The video is available on TABC's anti-underage drinking website, The site also includes additional information to assist parents and colleges with discussions to prevent the negative outcomes covered in the video.

"My Story: Fall Semester" was produced by Castleview Productions Inc., an Austin-based broadcasting and media production company. The project was made possible by grant funding from the Texas Department of Transportation to reduce alcohol-related fatalities on Texas roads.

The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals is an international organization that includes marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, media production and free-lance professionals.

For more information on the video or other educational materials available to the public, please contact TABC's Education and Prevention Division at (512) 206-3420.

Contact: Chris Porter TABC Public Information Officer (512) 206-3462