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Feb 23, 2016

TABC Announces Statewide 2016 Spring Break Undercover Operations

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agents from across the state are set to conduct hundreds of undercover operations in an effort to prevent the sale of alcohol to minors during Spring Break.

The undercover operations – dubbed "minor stings" – will take place March 1-15 at retailers located along popular travel corridors between major Texas cities and the Gulf Coast. During the operation, undercover TABC agents will accompany a minor-aged volunteer, who will attempt to purchase alcohol. Retailers who sell alcohol to the underage person could face possible administrative action by the TABC.

Members of TABC’s Audit & Investigation Division will visit each of the targeted retailers prior to the undercover operations in order to provide training on ways to recognize suspected underage customers.

During the 2015 Spring Break undercover operations, TABC agents visited more than 900 retailers and found more than 90 percent to be in full compliance with the law. Agency officials say they hope for an even better compliance rate this year.

"These undercover operations have proven to be a useful tool in ensuring our retailers are in voluntary compliance with the law," said Chief Robert Saenz, TABC Chief of Field Operations. "While we were very pleased with the relatively low number of violations last year, when you’re talking about an underage person getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, even one violation can result in loss of life. We’re counting on Texas retailers to do the right thing and remain vigilant during this very busy time."

For more information on TABC’s efforts to curb underage drinking, visit the Agency’s Facebook page at .

Media Contact: Chris Porter Public Information Officer, TABC Headquarters (512) 206-3462