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April 20, 2016

TABC Announces Prom/Graduation Season Undercover Operations in North Texas

Effort intended to curb risk of underage drinking during prom/graduation

Agents from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission's North Texas Enforcement Office will double the number of operations intended to curb the sale of alcohol to minors during the busy prom/graduation season.

Enforcement agents from TABC's Region 2, which encompasses North Texas, will conduct a series of undercover operations, including minor stings, at retailers across the area. The operations will target premises which sell alcohol for on- and off-premise consumption, TABC officials said.

During a minor sting, undercover TABC agents accompany a minor-aged volunteer into a retail establishment which sells alcohol. The minor will attempt to purchase alcohol from the retailer, who could face TABC administrative action if a sale is made. Retailers who sell alcohol to a minor could face TABC administrative action.

Scheduling the operations for the prom/graduation season helps to ensure minors will stay safe during an important time in their lives, said Major Victor Kuykendoll, TABC Enforcement Supervisor for Region 2.

"These occasions should be some of the happiest moments in a young person's life," Kuykendoll said. "Adding alcohol to the equation greatly increases the risk of serious injury or death through incidents such as vehicle accidents or assault. It's our hope that North Texas retailers will continue to do their part to prevent the possession and consumption of alcohol by minors."

A series of undercover operations in March revealed that 93 percent of North Texas retailers successfully prevented the sale of alcohol to minors at their establishments, with just 41 violations out of 456 retailers.

Media Contact:Major Victor Kuykendoll Enforcement Supervisor, TABC Arlington Office (817) 607-2419