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Feb 23, 2023

Tax ID stamp system now available

Businesses that hold a Local Distributor Permit (LP) can now order tax ID stamps through TABC’s new online ordering portal, which launched today.

What to do next

This communication only applies to holders of a Local Distributor Permit (LP). If you do not hold this permit or represent the permittee, this does not apply to you.

TABC has sent activation emails for a new tax ID stamp account to one email address on file with the agency. We have also sent a second email to help you find your activation email, which includes the instructions below:

  1. To activate your new account, check the email address you had on file in the previous tax ID stamp ordering system. Any account that did not have an email address listed will have the activation sent to one of the entity, owner, or prime user account emails registered in the Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS).
  2. Follow the instructions in the activation email to access your account. This email also includes how-to guides and contact information for help with your account.
  3. Once you activate your account, you may begin ordering tax ID stamps immediately.

Questions or concerns? Contact TABC at or 512-206-3341. To learn more about this new system, please view our FAQs below.


What’s changing with the order portal?

Mainly, the portal will be operated by a different vendor. Businesses will continue ordering stamps online but can expect upgrades and more security features in the new system.

Businesses will also have the option of ordering a 10,000-stamp roll in the new system, in addition to past options. Previously stamps were available in 80-stamp sheets and 500-stamp rolls.

Does the new order portal require software or is it available online?

It’s a cloud-based system operating completely online — no downloads required.

Will the look of the tax ID stamp be changing?

Yes. Below is a sample of how the new stamps will appear.

Stamps with the new design will be distributed once TABC has depleted its stock of the old design. In the initial weeks after launch, you will likely receive the old stamp design. These stamps are valid and should be used.

Do my old tax ID stamps need to be replaced?

No. The old design is valid and should be used. There will be a period where both old tax ID stamps and new stamps are on containers in the Texas market.

Do I need multiple logins for various locations?

No. Multiple permitted locations can order tax ID stamps from a single user account.

I didn’t receive an activation email. What should I do?

Contact TABC at or 512-206-3341.

What are tax ID stamps and who uses them?

Local distributors must place the serially numbered ID stamps, provided by TABC, on bottles of distilled spirits before selling them to retailers that hold a Mixed Beverage (MB), Private Club Registration (N), or Private Club Exemption Certificate (NE) permit.

If you are not a Local Distributor Permit (LP) holder or their representative, you do not need to order tax ID stamps.