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July 27, 2021

TABC Urges Businesses To File 2020 Compliance Reports

Businesses that haven’t yet submitted a compliance report for each of their licensed Texas locations for the Sept. – Dec. 2020 reporting period have until Aug. 1 to file the required reports through the TABC: Compliance Reporting mobile app and avoid further administrative action.

Failure to submit your 2020 compliance report may cause your license or permit renewal to be delayed or denied.

The compliance reporting period runs from Sept. 1 to Dec. 1 every year. TABC recently issued notices of noncompliance to businesses that hadn’t submitted their compliance report(s).

Visit TABC's Compliance Reporting page to get started.

Easily Complete Your Reporting

Licenses and Permits Affected

B, BA, BB, BC, BE, BF, BG, BQ, D, G, MB, N, NB, NE, P, Q, RM, W and X.

First-Time Users

If this is your first year completing a compliance report, you should have received an email or letter from TABC containing a registration link for the app. If you have not received a link, fill out the Compliance Reporting Help Form.

Returning Users

Download the TABC: Compliance Reporting app (Apple or Google Play) and log in using your account information.

If you don’t have your login information or have issues getting into your account, fill out the Compliance Reporting Help Form.


  1. Before your business can download and use the app, you must designate one person as the primary administrator for compliance reporting responsibilities.
  2. The administrator must access the registration link provided by TABC by email or mail and complete the online registration process.
  3. After successfully registering, the administrator can download the TABC: Compliance Reporting app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

App Not Working?

Some users have reported compatibility issues with the TABC: Compliance Reporting mobile app on newer versions of mobile operating systems. If users experience this problem and have another mobile device on hand, TABC encourages them to try using the TABC: Compliance Reporting app on that alternative mobile device.

If a user has no compatible mobile device, fill out the CR Help Form to report the issue to TABC:

  1. Navigate to the CR Help Form.
  2. Enter all required details including name, email, county and license/permit number.
  3. Select the “other” help category.
  4. Under Description of issue type “CR App – Not Compatible with Device. The TABC: Compliance Reporting mobile app is not compatible with my existing mobile device(s) and therefore my inability to complete my annual compliance report on the app is due to no fault of my own. I ask that my permitted business not be placed on the non-compliance list.” Then, include the mobile device brand name and operating system you attempted to use.

TABC does not encourage anyone to purchase a new mobile device. It is the newer devices and operating systems that are causing the compatibility issues with the TABC: Compliance Reporting mobile app.

More Help

To get more step-by-step guidance and answers to common questions, visit our Compliance Reporting page or FAQs.