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July 31, 2022

TABC updates Public Inquiry data tool to improve user experience

AUSTIN — The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has launched a new version of its online license data to provide additional information to the public, businesses and local governments.

You can access the new data layout in two places:

Public Inquiry

Users of the agency’s Public Inquiry System will now notice Old Layout and New Layout options for a number of Public Inquiry functions. Some users may know this data by the name Public Roster.

The Old Layout option provides the data in the same format that was available before Aug. 1, 2022. This allows users who are familiar with the previous format to continue using that format and transition to the new format in time.

Select the New Layout option to search for licenses by unique owners, view which licenses have pending renewal applications, and gain access to additional data fields. This option also improves data organization and better integrates information from TABC’s Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS).

Updates include:

  • Master File ID A unique identifier for each business entity that holds a license or licenses with TABC (e.g., sole proprietors, LLCs, etc.). This field allows users to determine which licenses and permits are owned by a single business entity. If several licenses and permits have the same Master File ID, it means those licenses and permits are owned by the same business entity. The Verify the Status and Other Information on License(s)” option now allows users to search by Master File ID using a toggle at the top of the screen.
  • License Primary Status — As the name suggests, this is the main status of a license or permit.
  • License Secondary Status — Use this field to see if a business has a pending renewal application.
  • Separate fields for expiration month, day and year.
  • Tier — Indicates whether a permit is in the Manufacturing, Distribution/Wholesaler, Retail or Other tier.
  • Street addresses — TABC previously provided four fields for street addresses. These have been condensed to two fields: Address (street number + street name) and Address 2 (a combination of the two fields previously used for additional information, such as suite numbers). The new layout still provides, city, state, county, ZIP and country as separate fields.

Read the detailed descriptions of the old and new record layouts.

Functions in Public Inquiry with New Layout option:

  • Verify the status and other information on License(s)
  • Create a list of Licenses
  • Create a list of Licenses with an inactive status
  • Who is allowed to ship wine to Texans?
  • Public Entertainment Facility
  • Official Suspended Retailers
  • Verify credit law information

Texas Open Data Portal

Users can also access the updated data layout through the Texas Open Data Portal under the TABC License Information Dataset. Previously this data was not available through the portal.

You may use filters, download or connect to the data through the API option.

Learn more about how to use the Open Data Portal.