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Oct 13, 2020

Quick Guide to the New TABC Site

Welcome! We hope you take some time to explore the new website, but we’ve provided a quick guide to get you started.

Contact Your TABC Office

Enter your ZIP Code either on the home page or at the top of the site to get matched with your closest TABC office(s). This contact information will follow you around the site, making it easier to get connected with TABC. We’ve also redesigned our Contact Us page.

Download Forms

Our new Forms page contains every TABC form and form packet. You can search by form number and/or name by using the search box. Or you can sort alphabetically, by published date and by topic.

In addition to this forms repository, you can also find forms pages with only the forms you need while navigating through specific topics on the site.

Find Public Information

File a Complaint or Protest

We’ve made it easier to file a complaint or protest with TABC by putting all your options in one place.

Get Answers

Our newly updated FAQ page includes seven different topics and a general FAQs to answer the most common questions we receive from Texans.

Report an Issue or Broken Link

If you find a broken link or have another issue with the website, we encourage you to report it to our team through the TABC Website Issue Report online form.