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Dec 16, 2022

New user roles in TABC’s online system (AIMS)

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission’s Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS) now allows businesses additional flexibility to assign user permissions in their online accounts.

What’s new

  • AIMS now has nine user roles. Previously, users had the option of only two user permissions, Prime or Delegated.
  • Prime users and Administrators can now restrict access of additional users to specific licenses and permits. Previously, authorized users had access to all licenses within a business entity.
  • The Delegated user role has been eliminated. Find more information about this change below.
  • There is no longer a user role that will opt-out an individual from all email notifications. Users will receive the email notifications associated with their permission level.
  • TABC is encouraging businesses with AIMS accounts to review their user permissions with these changes in mind.

What are the new user roles?

  • Prime User: User will be able to perform any action in the system along with user access management actions.  If this designation is selected, the user has full access, and no other selections need to be made.   
  • Read-Only: User will be able to see any license(s), applications, and licensee data but will not be able to perform any action. If this is selected, the user cannot have any other permissions. 
  • Licensing: User will be able to apply for and manage licenses. 
  • Excise Tax: User will be able to perform excise tax actions, including filing excise tax reports and amendments. 
  • Product Registration: User will be able to perform product registration actions. 
  • Compliance Reporting: User will be able to perform compliance reporting actions. 
  • Enforcement: User will be able to respond to Enforcement requests for information (RFIs). 
  • Legal: User will be able to respond to Legal requests for information (RFIs). 
  • Administrator: User will be able to perform user access management actions (e.g., adding users or restricting user permissions). 

Why this change is happening

Businesses may have the need to limit access of employees or representatives to certain tasks or information within AIMS. For example, a business can now assign one user access to apply for licenses and a different user the ability to file excise tax reports. Additionally, this will allow businesses to specify which licenses those users may access.

Delegated users

As mentioned above, Delegated users no longer exist in AIMS. Delegated users have automatically been transferred to the equivalent permission level and given access to the following roles: Licensing, Excise Tax, Product Registration, Compliance Reporting, Enforcement, and Legal. Previously, a Delegated user had full access to a business entity but did not receive email notifications. These users will now receive emails related to all permissions they can access. If a business would like to expand or restrict a user’s access, they can follow the new user guide.


Troubleshooting & Help

If you encounter any issues with the new user access management options, contact TABC at 512-206-3360.