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March 3, 2020

INDUSTRY NOTICE: Wholesale Deliveries to Retailers – Temporary Process for Signing the Invoice

TABC Licensed Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, & Package Stores with Local Distributor Permits that Distribute to Retailers

TABC Administrative Rules require that upper tier members prepare an invoice for each sale and delivery to a retailer, and that the retailer must sign the invoice to acknowledge receipt of the product.

Due to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and the need for social distancing, TABC is temporarily changing the signature process to reduce in-person exchanges.

For the duration of Governor Abbott’s March 13, 2020, disaster proclamation, TABC will interpret Administrative Rule 35.1(d) to allow for the following process upon delivery:

  1. The delivery driver must sign the invoice;
  2. The delivery driver must write on the invoice the name of the retailer’s representative that receives the delivery;
  3. The delivery driver must write on the invoice the date the inventory is delivered; 
  4. The delivery driver must make a copy of the signed and dated invoice and send the copy to the retailer’s representative within a reasonable time after the delivery; and
  5. Both parties must maintain a copy of the invoice for reconciliation and auditing purposes.

TABC stands ready to help its license and permit holders impacted by the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation.

For additional assistance and information, affected businesses may identify and contact their local TABC regional office or contact TABC's Austin headquarters at (512) 206-3333.