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Dec 2, 2022

Contact TABC by phone for licensing, AIMS support

TABC is encouraging businesses to contact (512) 206-3360 for questions about their license applications, existing licenses, or their Alcohol Industry Management System accounts.

Over the past several months, TABC has put in place a new call center system to improve customer service for stakeholders interacting with our Licensing team. Because of this, the agency now recommends businesses across the state use the below contact information for inquiries, including AIMS questions.

Industry may call (512) 206-3360 to reach Licensing staff, regardless of where the business is located.

TABC is currently testing the call center model being used by Licensing staff to design improvements to future customer service options.

Updated contact information

TABC is now encouraging all businesses to use the contact information below:

Licensing, application, and account questions

Call: (512) 206-3360

Excise tax questions


Call: (512) 206-3342

Product registration questions


Call: (512) 206-3410

Note: We prefer you call (512) 206-3360 for general AIMS questions; however, licensing staff are also available by email at