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Sept 1, 2020

The TABC Delinquent List Has Moved

Where to Find the Delinquent List

You can easily find the hourly Credit Law Delinquent List on our new site — but it now lives at the Texas Open Data Portal. Here’s how to get to it.

How to Access

Hourly Updated List

The list can now be accessed through our Delinquent List page. Make sure to follow the instructions on that page. If you’re using Internet Explorer to browse this website, you should switch to any of these popular browsers to access the list: Google Chrome (preferred), Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.

Spreadsheet Version

The link to the spreadsheet version of the list has not changed.

Delinquent List Emails

Make sure you’re signed up for Delinquent List notifications to get an email every time the list is published.

If you were already signed up before, you don’t need to sign up again. You’ll keep getting the email. You should’ve gotten a test email from us on Aug. 24. If it ended up in your junk mail, add the email address to your contact list, save to favorites or change settings to make sure it gets to your inbox.