Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

Customer Satisfaction Survey


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Strongly Agree - SA   Agree - A   Neutral - N   Disagree- D   Strongly Disagree - SD   Not Applicable - N/A

5.  TABC employees were knowledgeable and helpful.

6.  TABC employees were courteous and respectful.

7.  TABC employees were responsive to my needs and concerns.

8.  The TABC office was convenient and easily accessible.

9.  The TABC office was clean and orderly.

10.  I was given clear explanations about the services available.

11.  I received answers to all of my questions.

Printed Information
12.  I received printed materials (i.e., brochures, newsletters, instructions, forms, etc.) explaining the services available.

13.  TABC materials were clear and understandable.

14.  TABC services were offered at convenient times.

15.  TABC services were delivered within a reasonable amount of time.

I received a response within a reasonable amount of time by
16.  Telephone (including "on hold" time)

17.  E-mail

18.  Materials (regular US mail)

19.  I was able to find helpful, clear and accurate information on the TABC website.

20.  The TABC website was easy to use and well organized.

Complaint Handling Process
21.  I know how to make a complaint regarding services at the TABC.

22.  I believe the TABC would handle my complaint in a fair manner.

23.  Overall, I am satisfied with the services I received from the TABC.

24.  If dissatisfied, what could we have done differently? (Limited to 1000 characters)
25.  Would you like a TABC employee to call and discuss your comments/suggestions?

30.  Additional Comments: (Limited to 1000 characters)

Thank you for evaluating our customer service. If we can be of any future service please contact your local TABC office or call toll-free 1-888-THE-TABC. You can also reach us by e-mail at questions@tabc.texas.gov.