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Ronald J. Swenson

Chief of Enforcement

Ronald J. Swenson is an agency veteran with over 29 years of law enforcement experience, 18 of which have been with TABC. He oversees TABC's Enforcement Division, which includes the Law Enforcement and Ports of Entry departments.

He first joined TABC in 2005 as an agent stationed at the Odessa office, where he was assigned to long-term undercover narcotic investigations. He also worked as the regional education agent, during which he taught TABC courses to local law enforcement, civic groups and alcohol retailers.  

Before Swenson was appointed chief of Enforcement in 2023, he was serving as deputy chief of law enforcement for TABC’s Investigations Bureau, which includes special investigations, financial crimes, criminal intelligence, victim services, and the agency’s Target Responsibility for Alcohol-Connected Emergencies (TRACE) unit. Swenson served with the Horizon City Police Department for 11 years before coming to TABC.

Swenson is a graduate of the FBI National Academy’s 212th session, Texas Department of Public Safety’s Covert Operations School, and Governor’s Executive Development Program. He holds a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Master Peace Officer Certificate as well as a TCOLE instructor certification. He also serves on a number of task force boards, including the Austin-area FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, Texas Violent Gang Task Force and Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Coordinating Council.