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Agent Recruitment

Are you ready to accept the challenge of building a safer Texas? We actively recruit peace officers who have basic certification with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) to become TABC agents.

Our Enforcement Division has the largest team in the agency and is responsible for the criminal and administrative enforcement of the state's Alcoholic Beverage Code. The division oversees five regions and more than 240 agents across the state.

If you’re interested in accepting the challenge, submit an online job application to become a probationary agent. If there’s no current job posting, contact our Human Resources Division at or (512) 206-3220 to learn more about the next hiring process.

What Agents Do

TABC agents have statewide jurisdiction, inspecting agency-licensed businesses and investigating alleged violations of the Alcoholic Beverage Code and Texas Penal Code. TABC agents are dedicated to working tirelessly to identify and rescue people affected by Human Trafficking. Agents are leaders and experts in conducting source investigations for alcohol-related traffic deaths.

They also investigate:

  • Alcohol sales to people who are intoxicated
  • Alcohol sales to minors and possession by minors
  • Breaches of the peace
  • Prohibited hours violations
  • Narcotics trafficking
  • Illegal weapons
  • Bootlegging
  • Application fraud
  • Money laundering

Enforcement agents also promote a better understanding of the law by regularly instructing Texas students, license holders and their employees, and members of civic groups.

What to Expect

  • Must successfully complete the TABC Agent Academy, an intensive training course that focuses on the Alcoholic Beverage Code, advanced handgun and rifle training, advanced arrest and control tactics, reality-based training, force on force, and extensive specialized investigative training. All qualified agents receive the basic instructor training.
  • May be required to work independently with little or no supervision. 
  • May work various shifts, including holidays, nights and weekends as assigned. 
  • May work in adverse weather conditions. 
  • Must attain at least satisfactory ratings/results on personal history, criminal background, driver records, and credit and employment checks.

Promotions and Salary Growth Opportunities

When you first join TABC, you’ll start at the entry-level position of probationary agent. Based on satisfactory performance and years of service with TABC in a Schedule C position, agents are eligible for salary step adjustments as shown on the State Auditor’s website.

See agent salary chart.

Career advancement opportunities in the ranks of sergeant, lieutenant, captain and major may be available.


To qualify for the probationary agent position, you must meet the requirements and one of the three options below.

What's Required

You must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Have graduated from high school or high school equivalent (e.g., GED certificate).
  • Be certified as a Texas peace officer by TCOLE.

Option 1

  • At least 60 college-earned hours from an accredited college or university, or an associate's degree with major coursework in criminal justice, criminology, police science, or a related field. Copies of transcripts must be submitted with the application.

Option 2

  • An honorable discharge from the U.S. Armed Forces with a minimum of 24 months of active duty. The DD214 form Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty must be submitted with the application.

Option 3

  • At least two years of full-time law enforcement experience.

If you’re considered for the probationary agent position, you will have to complete a written assessment and pass a physical readiness test (PRT) to continue in the hiring process. The PRT consists of a Concept II Rower Test (2,000 meters) at a resistance setting of five within 11 minutes and 50 seconds. Agents must pass the PRT annually if hired.

Training and Benefits

Probationary Agents receive specialized training during their first months of employment. We also provide in-service training and approved elective courses annually. All TABC agents:

  • May be entitled to an education or peace officer certificate stipend of up to $150 per month and a bilingual proficiency stipend of up to $50 per month.
  • Receive hazardous duty pay at a rate of $10 per month for each year of state service, up to and including 30 years.
  • Receive travel per diem for expenses incurred while away from their assigned duty station.
  • Are entitled to holidays and vacation time.
  • Are enrolled in a defined Law Enforcement Custodial Officers System (LECOS) retirement plan with the Employees Retirement System of Texas that will provide you with a lifetime monthly annuity when you retire (required for all state employees except those who have previously retired from the State of Texas). 
  • See more benefits on our Careers page.