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TABC Code and Rules

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code is made up of the guiding laws for the alcoholic beverage industry and passed by the Texas State Legislature.

After clicking the link below, choose "Alcoholic Beverage Code" in the Select Code dropdown menu.

TABC Administrative Rules

TABC’s Administrative Rules are created in an open and transparent process. Texas law gives TABC the ability to make the rules necessary to carry out the statutes adopted by lawmakers. Like other state agencies, TABC’s rules then become part of the Texas Administrative Code (Title 16, Part 3).

The Rulemaking Process

Draft rules considered for publication by TABC staff may be discussed at a stakeholder meeting before being considered by the Commission. 

Following Commission decisions, proposed rule changes and adopted changes to the TABC Administrative Rules are posted in the Texas Register and published on the Texas Secretary of State's website. The Administrative Rules are updated on the TABC website as new rules become effective.

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