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Texas Alcohol Laws and Regulations

We want to help you understand the laws, rules and regulations for the alcoholic beverage industry. By working together, we can keep Texans safe.

Learn about the Code and Rules

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Learn about marketing guidelines

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Learn about sign requirements

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Learn about underage drinking laws

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Resources and Information

Legislative Updates

Want to know about the latest updates to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code?


Learn about violations, the administrative hearing process and standard penalties.

Cash/Credit Law

Businesses have to follow state law for purchasing alcohol for retail sales. Learn more about these laws and the Delinquent List.

Local Option Elections

Although the state has one set of alcohol laws, the types of sales allowed vary by city and county. These decisions are made through local option elections and petitions.

Temporary Events Guidance

Learn about the requirements for hosting temporary events with alcoholic beverage.