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TABC wants to make following Texas alcohol laws and regulations as simple as possible for your business. Choose from the services below to get started.

Apply for a new license or permit


Get TABC certification

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Download the TABC Compliance Reporting app

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File a complaint or protest


Types of Services

Licenses and Permits

Apply for a new license, renew an existing one, check your application status and more.

Audits and Investigations

Our auditors inspect licensed locations, interview licensing applicants, regulate cash/credit law and conduct tax, financial and investigative audits.

Product Registration

Start the product registration process for your business’s alcoholic beverage product.

Alcohol Excise Taxes

The Excise Tax Division receives and processes monthly excise tax reports and ensures businesses pay the proper taxes.

Ports of Entry

Ports of Entry Regulatory Compliance Officers help international travelers through the process of entering Texas with alcoholic beverages or cigarettes.


Learn more about the bonds required for certain businesses.

TABC Certification

Sellers, servers and managers in Texas need to be trained on the laws for selling and serving alcoholic beverages to get their TABC certification.

TABC:Mobile App

Download the smartphone app that puts TABC access in your hands. You can file complaints, view license information in your area and more.